I’ve been very fortunate with the opportunities afforded to me – whether they be earnt, given or pursued.  Mentoring allows me to be able to give that back to others and be able to see them succeed.  It’s amazing how much people can grow in such a short space of time when they have the right support.


Matthew De Jesus

Principal, Talis Capital


Mentoring is a vital aspect of the support that we offer. Research shows that during the start-up phase, businesses with a mentor are more likely to succeed.

Starting a business can be tough, especially for the young people that we work with.

Enterprise mentoring is a two-way street that benefits mentor and mentee. Win, win!

Whether you can give an hour or two days a week, we have an opportunity that is right for you.





We provide a training programme to help our mentors understand what is required of them in the role.


Following this, you will be matched with an entrepreneur based on your skills and their requirements.


Most importantly, you will meet up and see if you connect and if there is a rapport.


Once matched, you will meet your mentee once a month if a long term mentor.




The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a mentee through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience.  The mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and involves both parties meeting regularly to exchange  ideas, discuss progress and set goals for further development.


  • Allows the mentor to "give back" -- to both the community and the mentee

  • Teaches the mentor how to listen actively rather than passively

  • Encourages the mentor to share knowledge, which helps increase the mentor's sense of self-worth

  • Strengthens the mentor's interpersonal relationship skills

  • Helps re-energise the mentor's career

  • Leads to more personal satisfaction on the mentor's behalf

  • Insights gained from the mentee's background and history can be used in the mentor's professional and personal development

  • Develops the mentor's personal leadership and coaching styles


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“I have been mentored through different stages of my business journey…Each time has been very valuable to the growth of my business and my personal development. Mentoring has developed my network, helped me create a clear business strategy and has allowed me to develop practical skills to implement during the day to day of running the business.”

Mickela Hall-Ramsay,

Founder, HR Sports Academy 


"I come from a normal background and started in my job at the most junior level –

I naturally want to try and help younger people. I’m in a position to do so because

I have spent 30 years working in a corporate environment and seeing how and why companies have been successful and why they fail.  I am someone my mentee can talk to and I can reinforce that he is doing the right things."

Andy Bryant,

Analyst, Liberum