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Lockdown side-hustle

Ever wondered if your lockdown side-hustle could become a full-time business? Or maybe you have an entrepreneurial idea, but no clue where to start?

We’re here to show you how you can make those dreams a reality, just like Ottavio and Dario from Tanzii TV. And the best part? There’s zero experience necessary.

Read on to find out how they grew their YouTube Channel into a thriving fitness business in just a few months, since joining Launch It’s Opportunity Fund.

The idea

Brothers and best friends Ottavio and Dario were working at a local primary school during lockdown in early 2021, when the idea for Tanzii TV first struck.

Noticing how so many of the kids were bored, restless, and missing their friends during the pandemic, they were convinced they could do something to help.

As trained PTs and life-long sports fanatics, Tanzii TV was born - a YouTube channel dedicated to getting kids moving and loving fitness in a fun way.

So, from their living room, they began creating colourful, interactive videos to do just that…

The challenge

Once the channel was getting clicks, views and starting to grow, they had big dreams of taking Tanzii TV to the next level.

“At that point, we were just a YouTube channel. We had ideas of turning it into a business, but we didn’t know which direction to go in.”

While they could plan a workout with their eyes closed, they knew they were lacking the experience and guidance to develop as a business. They had a mission to get kids active, and take their programmes beyond YouTube and into the real world.

“We knew we wanted to make a difference in communities. When we came across Launch It, we thought, we have to be on the scheme. It looked incredible.”

The Solution

After being accepted to Launch It’s 18 month ‘Opportunity Fund’ programme, Ottavio and Dario were granted financial backing to help them grow and invest in Tanzii TV.

Things officially kicked off with an intensive two week ‘business boot camp.’ As well as meeting the rest of their cohort, they got their teeth into workshops in financial support, marketing, and ecommerce to name a few.

“We had zero knowledge, so to have training from specialists in those areas was invaluable. We took lots of notes, which we use all the time today”

Armed with heaps of fresh knowledge, Tanzii TV were bespoke matched with a manager who had specialised expertise in their area of business. With meetings once a month, this is their chance to ask their burning questions, get help with business plans, and set targets to keep them smashing their goals.

“There really are no silly questions. One of our worries was how to set up properly. We didn’t know how to open a business bank account, register the business, or get the right insurance. But we’ve been supported every step of the way.”

One of the handiest things for Ottavio and Dario has been access to a whole team of new connections. They catch up regularly with the other young entrepreneurs on the scheme, so there’s always someone to bounce ideas off.

“When you’re on your own, you just don’t have anyone to turn to. Knowing we have that support network is amazing.”

The Results:

Check out some of the ways the programme has allowed Tanzii TV to grow beyond what they could have imagined:

“Since being on the scheme, we’re not the same from now to where we first started. We’ve come a long way - all due to Launch It”


  • Tanzii TV is now a fully registered CIC (Community Interest Company), creating revenue that gives back to the community.


  • A monthly income for Ottavio and Dario, meaning they’ve left their jobs to focus on Tanzii TV full-time.

  • Investment in new equipment and branding, to produce the highest quality videos.


  • YouTube subscribers skyrocketed from 0 to over 1K in just a few months, with viewers all round the globe.

  • Tanzii TV went into the community, with a series of in-person workshops and summer camps.


  • In just a few months, Tanzii have partnered with Nike, UK Active, and Living Sport.

“It’s been everything we dreamed of and more - it blew our expectations out of the water. We couldn’t recommend it enough”

Get in touch if you think Launch It could help you take your ideas to new heights!

And, listen to Ottavio and Dario’s sound advice...

“Don’t worry if you don't have the answers yet, just join Launch It and take every opportunity that you can.”

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