The Challenge:

We are driven by the realisation that many young people are at risk of being left behind in today’s society, where the gap between rich and poor is ever increasing. Some find themselves stuck in low wage, dead-end or insecure jobs while others are entirely disconnected from employment.  There is little opportunity for those left behind to improve their position in life by using their talents and working hard.

How do we help?

Encouraging these young people to start businesses is one way of tackling the growing divide; it provides them with the opportunity to earn an income doing something they find inspiring. 

Most importantly, starting a business changes the way that these young people see themselves. It helps them to build confidence and gain vital skills to succeed in life.

How far will my donation go?

We are proud to say that 87p in every £1 donated to Launch It goes directly to supporting young people to start and grow successful businesses in the UK. Read more about our Impact here


Our aim is to become the UK’s largest young-person focussed incubator for small businesses in challenging communities. We hope that you can join us to achieve this goal.

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