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Launch It is a group of charities with the same mission: to change lives through enterprise. Discover how we've grown throughout the years and how you can help drive our mission forward.

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Empowering the Future of Enterprise

We set up our first enterprise hub in Deptford, London in 2000, under the name of the London Youth Support Trust. Since then, we have expanded across London and helped to establish ‘sister’ charities across the UK.  In 2017, we decided to bring all these charities together under the same banner, the Launch It Trust.

There is a great need for what we do. Many young people are at risk of being left behind in a modern society where the gap between rich and poor is ever increasing. Those entering the jobs market are finding themselves stuck in low-skill, low-wage, insecure jobs or worse, entirely disconnected from employment, education or training. 

Self-employment offers an alternative; it provides young people with the opportunity to build confidence and earn an income doing something they find inspiring and interesting, whilst also gaining vital skills to enable them to succeed in life.  

Most importantly, it changes the way they see themselves.

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We have been able to build a new platform for people to not only make prints, but really show their emotions through it. We had a project with women who are domestic violence victims who tell their story through print. Things like these, how something like a textiles company can transform a life or the mentality of someone is our favourite thing about running our own business. 

- Zara Afflick

Founder, Box of Prints

Launch It Alumni

Sparking a Movement

Launch It operates as a social franchise, igniting a transformative movement across the UK by supporting the start-up of "sister" Launch It charities.

Together, the Launch It charities pool resources, knowledge and learning to make each individual charity stronger, expanding our reach and impact.

Check out our enterprise centres across the UK by clicking the link below.

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Inspired Possibilities Up Ahead

At the start of 2024, we developed a refreshed three-year strategy that defines specific goals and key actions to ensure the Launch It charities across the UK continue to provide the best programmes and opportunities for the young founders we support.

Find out more by downloading the document.

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