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Over the last 23 years, Launch It has supported aspiring young founders build successful businesses & thrive.


From developing an idea, creating a business plan, getting it off the ground and supporting you all the way through, discover what we mean when we say "empowering you to take off". 

what we do

Extensive Support for Budding Young Entrepreneurs

Launch It aims to level the playing field for enterprising young people from underrepresented communities, enabling them to develop skills and have access to opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Our two-year support programme is comprised of providing the following:


Private units at highly subsidized rent, no long-term contracts, mitigating financial risks.


Partnership-driven pitching competitions & events.


Regular workshops and sessions with business leaders, companies and groups.


Accredited on-site enterprise managers assist Launch Iteers through their journey.


Volunteer mentors assigned to share knowledge & expertise, guide and inspire.


A supportive community of like-minded peers to exchange ideas, learn from and grow with.

A Snapshot of Your

Launch It Journey

We work hard to offer the best possible opportunities, access and connections to all Launch Iteers within our programme. Our trusted network of corporate and government partners, along with our trustees and alumni, are also there to support your journey.

Here's what you can expect in the two years you'll work with us to develop your business:

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Get Started

Learn to believe in yourself.

Launch It enterprise managers will offer 1 to 1 advice to help you research your business idea & conduct test trading.

Get Serious

Learn to get others to believe in you & your idea.

Avail various business skills training & workshops and

1 to 1 enterprise manager support. Learn how to write a business plan, look for funding & launch your business.


Learn to solve problems, be resilient & motivated.

Operate in your own subsidised-rent workspace for two years in one of our enterprise hubs while getting a business mentor & continued support via trainings, workshops and 1 to 1 advice to grow your business.

Leave the Nest.

Learn to run your business successfully & independently.

Get follow up 1 to 1 advice to get support in finding a new workspace to continue to run your business or find new direction (job, training, etc.)

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Providing Young Founders

with Free Business Support

As a charity, we are funded by some fantastic organisations and individuals – this means that we can offer affordable workspaces & business support for young entrepreneurs for FREE. In return we ask that you: 

  • Support other budding young entrepreneurs & contribute to your community

  • Help us reach other young people by promoting Launch It on your social media platforms & allowing us to do the same with our channels.

  • Commit to the programme by attending meetings with your enterprise manager and/or mentors, as well as scheduled trainings, workshops & other events.

  • Occasionally meet with our funders and supporters when they visit.

Interested in starting your business journey with us?

Anyone who wishes to avail of our two-year incubation programme will need to contact the specific enterprise centre they wish to operate in & have an introductory chat with the designated enterprise manager. All applicants will need to pass a certain criteria to be considered.


Click the link below to start the conversation & find out more about our hubs in London, Kent & Scotland or email us at for general inquiries.

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