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Get to know some of the most talented past and present young founders who started and grown successful businesses with us.

Inspiring Journeys & Stories

Since 2000, we have supported young people aged 18 to 30 to start and grow successful businesses.

Throughout the two-year business incubation programme, these incredible individuals went on a journey, realising their business ideas, developing their confidence and important skills, and continuing to thrive  well beyond their time at Launch It.



Founder, The RecShop

Mary is an international musical artist who founded The RecShop,  a charitable organisation with a mission to break down barriers of entry into the music industry for young people aged 11-25 years old.


Back in 2015, they set out to support local youths through free music opportunities including studio time, workshops, gigs, and work experience. At present, The RecShop is multi-purpose music space in Wood Green with over 900 music makers in their network.

Mary also started Prodigies of Nature (for profit sister company to The Record Shop) in July 2017 to help generate funds to be able to continue running The Record Shop as a free studio.

"I got so much help from Launch It to develop my business plan. Subsidised rent meant I could afford to rent space for my studio, which just wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. They helped me promote my business, linked me up with a mentor and just being in a Launch It centre meant I had access to lots of training and networking opportunities."

Find out more: / WondRWomn

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Founder, Peluca Studio / Co-owner, House of Peluca


Sam is the founder of bespoke wig and make-up studio Peluca Studio and and co-owner of drag supply store, House of Peluca. He trained to be a hairdresser after leaving school and worked in salons for a few years, before starting his own business.


"Learning about running a business has been really rewarding, it’s something I never thought I’d be able to do until I had no choice. I always knew I wanted to start up on my own, but I spent ages telling myself, no, I’m not ready, but then you realise you’re never going to be ready, you just have to do it.


I love the freedom of running my own business because I love that I'm doing what I want to do all the time. It doesn't always feel like a job. I feel really lucky because not everyone gets the chance... I couldn't have done this without Launch It."


Managing Director, Carisips

Aisha Jade is the brilliant brains behind Carisips, a non alcoholic drink that can be served hot, cold or as a mixer in ginger zing, sorrel spice and zesty tamarind flavours. What she discovered when she was a blogger with these flavours was that they are staples- they represent health, community and they’re used for celebration, so they are very important with culture.

"I think that programmes like Launch It and Next Generation are very important to young entrepreneurs and those who don’t come from money. When have weekly meet ups every Tuesday when we get together and learn about different topics. I think there is a class barrier when it comes to starting up a business and I think on the programme they have been very empathetic to different people’s needs and I think that’s very important."

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Present Launch Iteers

The Future of Enterprise

Meet some of the talented young founders who have started their entrepreneurial journeys at our hubs across London, Kent and Scotland recently.

Nikita-Dean Hart.jpg

Nikita-Dean Hart

Founder, NDH Productions 

Launch It Kent

Nikita is an award-winning content creator who set up a full service video and podcast production studio in Sheerness, the first of its kind in the Isle of Sheppey.


Find out more at

Kitty KTHM Creates.jpg

Kitty Tang

Founder, KTHM Creates

Launch It Dundee

Kitty is a creative director, content creator, photographer and stylist who works with different clients, and brands around Dundee. Find out more about her work on her Instagram page.

Adrian Cantwell.jpg

Adrian Cantwell

Founder, The Loyal Candle Co. 

Launch It Paisley Start-Up Street

Adrian specialises in creating cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, 100% soy candles. This graphic designer turned entrepreneur's planet positive business takes pride in their commitment to quality, sustainability, and the environment. More info at:

Ramla Momin.jpg

Ramla Momin

Founder & CEO, Mimara Aesthetics

Launch It Tottenham

Ramla is all about taking over the skin care and beauty and wellness world. She is working towards creating an academy where she can share her expert knowledge to others and eventually expanding her clinic into a one-stop hub for beauty treatments. Visit her page for more info.

Tahira Tofa.jpg

Tahira Tofa

Founder, YSDNDYArt

Angel Yard

Tahira who is Building Blocks Initiative 2023's Exemplary Creative Artist of the Year specialises in creating portraiture art that celebrates people of colour; steadfast in the belief that Your Skin Does Not Define You (YSDNDY). More info at

Sally Toure.jpg

Sally Toure

Founder, Sally's Scooters

Launch It Neasden

Sally specialises in scooter repairs and refurbishment. She describes herself as a 'scooter surgeon' and sells pre-loved scooters, cycles, skates and skateboards in Harlesden. Find out more about her planet positive business on her Instagram page.

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Visit our Instagram page to watch video features of former and present Launch Iteers or click below to find out more about our impact.

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