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Become a business mentor. Fuel the future & support young entrepreneurs soar!

They've launched it. 
Now, let's help them skyrocket!

And that's where we need you to come in. 

Your invaluable expertise, your wealth of experience and best of all, your natural gift of encouragement and inspiration-- these are some of the most important things that can help transform our young entrepreneurs' businesses and mindsets as leaders.

That is why we're calling our mentors ROCKETLAUNCHERS. We need you to light up a fire inside their hearts, ignite their genius and take their entrepreneurial visions to a whole new galaxy of possibilities.

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Because it's cool to be one! And simply, because mentoring, also known in this context as enterprise volunteering is an opportunity for you to learn, grow and see different perspectives while empowering others to do the same; changing lives even. Win-win!

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Give back while enjoying a meaningful, positive experience

Make good use of your available time by sharing helpful knowledge to fill in learning gaps & help new or growing businesses thrive more​.

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Broaden your skill set & embrace diverse perspectives

Enhance your active listening skills, confidence, personal leadership & coaching styles, interpersonal relationship skills while growing your personal network. 

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Reignite passions & find a sense of fulfilment

​Find a new sense of purpose, career invigoration & personal satisfaction in the sharing experience

"Research shows that during the start-up phase, businesses with a mentor are more likely to succeed. One positive interaction can change someone's life."

Ready to blast off?
Here's how.

Every mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and involves both parties meeting regularly to exchange ideas, discuss progress and set goals for further development. Commitment and consistency are key.

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Whether you're an individual or a company team, there are mentoring & other engagement opportunities both virtual and in-person for you to explore at Launch It.



Brief & focused mentoring. Designed to address a specific question or goal the mentee may have. Mentor will provide direct guidance, advice and resources.




In-depth, regular 1-hour mentoring sessions up to six months (once every 4-6 weeks).




Teaching & learning sessions focused on defined, specific topics or mentor's area of expertise.


Starting is easy.

We know how valuable your time is so we try to make our process from screening and selection to onboarding down to the actual mentoring proper as smooth and easy as possible.

"Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”

Want to support Launch It but don't have the time to be a mentor? Check out how else you can get involved here.

Seeking mentorship?
Connect now.

Are you a Launch Iteer from any of our enterprise centres in London, Kent or Scotland and looking to solve a particular business challenge or to grow in your knowledge and expertise so your business can accelerate?


Have a chat with your enterprise manager today 

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Some kind words from some cherished previous mentors who dedicated their time & resources to

supporting Launch It's mission.


I’ve been very fortunate with the opportunities afforded to me – whether they be earnt, given or pursued.  Mentoring allows me to be able to give that back to others and be able to see them succeed. It’s amazing how much people can grow in such a short space of time when they have the right support.


Matthew De Jesus

Principal, Talis Capital

One of the things that has shaped me, my confidence, and my career the most over the years has been a handful of knowledgeable and supportive mentors. Their guidance, objectivity, time, and experience have always been invaluable. 

To be able to give this back and help shape the careers and development of like-minded young entrepreneurs is a passion project for me, and one I am incredibly excited to be a part of. 

Jess Horton,

Senior Product Brand Manager, Garnier UK

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What it means to Launch Iteers

I have been mentored through different stages of my business journey. Each time has been very valuable to the growth of my business and my personal development.


Mentoring has developed my network, helped me create a clear business strategy and has allowed me to develop practical skills to implement during the day to day of running the business.

Mickela Hall-Ramsay,

Founder, HR Sports Academy 

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Connect with us.

Want to find out more about mentorship opportunities with us? Ready to change lives by becoming a Launch It ROCKETLAUNCHER?


Fill out the form below or email now. We look forward to connecting with you.

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