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Together, we can make a stronger impact in the lives of young entrepreneurs. Discover how we can build strategic partnerships that create mutual growth and social change.

Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship Together.

You have the power to transform the lives of disadvantaged young entrepreneurs and create a meaningful impact on their journeys as well as their communities.


Partnering with Launch It means working with a dedicated team of passionate individuals who are committed to building brighter futures while creating a meaningful experience for you and your teams


To date, we have supported over 11,600 young people to start or grow successful businesses by providing them access to affordable workspaces, skills development, networking, mentorship and funding opportunities. 


Your support is invaluable in making sure more young entrepreneurs are empowered to thrive. Find out more about our impact here.

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We love a good collaboration & we are the most flexible, creative bunch you will ever meet.

So, whether you're coming to us with thought starters or a full vision, we are ready to design partnerships to help with your employee engagement, brand marketing, research, CSR requirements or any other objective. 

Whatever it is, we'll launch it. Here are some innovative ways we can take off together: 


Unleash the Next Generation of Innovators


An immersive, sector-agnostic 12-week entrepreneurial programme where you share skills, mentor and inspire up to 50 exceptional young individuals, helping them unleash their full potential. More info here.

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Ignite the Fire of Entrepreneurship

In this seed funding & skills development programme inspired by the infamous reality TV show, you & your employees can form part of a prestigious panel of judges, sharing your expertise & leading skills sharing workshops. 

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Exchange Expertise, Elevate Success

Deliver a series of enriching skills sharing workshops where industry experts impart their knowledge and insights, helping young entrepreneurs take their businesses to a whole new level.

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A Hub of Creativity & Collaboration

Invest in an enterprise centre that will be home to talented young people in your local area. Build community connections while supporting entrepreneurial ambitions.



Fuel the Future & Help Young Entrepreneurs Soar

Run a transformative mentorship programme to help young entrepreneurs & their businesses skyrocket! Help boost their confidence, knowledge, capabilities & business genius.


These are just some examples on what joining forces with us can look like. We are always excited to hear ground-breaking ideas and innovative ways we can build lasting partnerships.

Chat with us or click below to find out more about these opportunities and how they can benefit you and your organisation.

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Our partnership with Launch It allows our lawyers to support young people to develop key skills and grow their businesses in a way that aligns with our firm’s expertise and values. They made the planning and execution of our training sessions straightforward, and we are looking forward to our future collaborations!

- Sinead Boden, Head of Pro Bono & Community

Slaughter & May


Launch It made planning and delivering the bespoke Google Digital Garage training sessions seamless, thanks to their team's professionalism and organisational skills. It was great to witness first-hand the enthusiasm and creativity of early stage entrepreneurs and we look forward to working together in the future. 

-Aimee Goodwin, Account Director

UpSkill Digital

Some of our cherished partners committed to building brighter futures for young people.

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Fiverr decided to partner with Launch It because there is synergy between what we do. Our brand purpose is to create opportunities for anyone to grow their business, brand, or dreams.

Through our social impact work, we aim to pursue programs and partnerships that enable people from all backgrounds to access the support and resources they need to start their businesses. Launch It’s communication has been excellent and they have used every opportunity to promote the work we are doing together.

- Michelle Baltrusitis, Social Impact Manager, Fiverr

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