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A Launch It Centre provides opportunities to local young people whilst supporting regeneration, trade, enterprise and employment within the community. We plan to replicate our model in more areas of need and have a vision of become the largest start-up incubator for disadvantaged young people in the UK. 

If you think a ‘Launch It’ enterprise centre could work in your town or city, and are keen to get one up and running, we'd be happy to help. 

Here's how to do it: ​

Phase 1

Contact us through the website or by phone telling us a little bit about the area you are in and why you think a ‘Launch It’ hub would work.


We will then arrange to visit you and discuss the process.  In addition to any information you give us, the team at Launch It will also carry out local research and analysis to determine whether there is a real need for a Launch It Centre in that area.

Phase 2

Each new geographical area will start up as a new, independent charity. We will support you to find and negotiate a lease on a building, plan any refurbishments and get the funds together to make this a reality.


We will recruit, train and support a new Enterprise Manager and local well connected Trustees. Finally we will share all our experience, knowledge, paperwork and best practice to enable you to replicate our successful start-up support model.

Phase 3

Once the project is underway, you won't be on your own! We will continue to support you. 


By signing our licence agreement and paying a small annual fee for affiliation, you will get access to fundraising support, management expertise, finance and accounting functions and all ‘Launch It’ promotional and branding materials, including a page on our website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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