At the heart of the Launch It concept are our Enterprise Centres.  Each Centre provides workspace and targeted support for budding young entrepreneurs to get their business up and running.

The Centres are managed by our SFEDI Accredited Enterprise Managers who are on hand to provide  timely advice and support to each business.

We combine this support with our two year incubation programme that includes subsidised rent and easy access to events and training to enable entrepreneurs to establish their business. Rent starts at 50%of local comparable commercial rent, rising to 100% over the course of the programme. After the two year period the young entrepreneur will vacate their unit for another new start up and be supported to move into commercial premises.

The Enterprise Centre creates a space where new businesses have the opportunity to collaborate, share knowledge, best practice, network and create business opportunities. Our entrepreneurs can talk to one another, share ideas and learning, and socialise. They can collaborate and join forces for projects and experiment and grow together.


We are now taking our successful model and experience and sharing it across the UK. By enabling our young entrepreneurs to work where they live, we help them develop local enterprise and create employment opportunities in their communities.