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From Dentistry to Drag Queens!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Launch It are proud to announce that the fashion designs of one of our Dundee start-ups, House of Aristocrats have been featured on the BBC 3 tv show Ru Paul’s drag race.

Things could have worked out a lot differently for founder Farrukh had he not chosen to pursue his dream. Growing up in Pakistan he was encouraged to become a dentist which then brought him to the UK. He had been making his own clothes for as long as he could remember and while in the UK, he rediscovered his desire to start his own fashion label

Farrukh’s ideal clients are individuals who are looking for unique one-off garments. This led to Scottish Drag Queen Laurence Chaney contacting him to create a bespoke design. Little did he know it was to be featured on Ru Paul’s Drag Queens! In this clip you can see the custom look. And we have heard there may be more designs to see as Laurence Chaney is not the only Scottish Queen in this year’s show. So, watch this space!

Since receiving his keys to his studio at our Dundee Enterprise Centre in early 2020 his journey into fashion and self-employment has had like everyone a mixture of achievements and disappointments due to the ongoing pandemic.

Farrukh says being with Launch It is "like being part of likeminded people in a community of businesses with help and support always available from staff and the other enterprises and it has been a true blessing.’
Farrukh from House of Aristocrats

What advice would Farrukh give his younger self?

“I would teach myself how to deal with failure and that life is definitely not like Barbie living in her dream world. So be prepared to fight for your dreams.’’

Congratulations Farrukh you have certainly proved that hard work and perseverance pays off and we are so glad to help support you further in this exciting journey.

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