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Pitch Perfect - top tips for pitching to investors

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Headline, Toblerone, Make it Real.

This was the unlikely advice given to one of our young entrepreneurs on creating a pitch; and it worked! Yvonne Kemi, from Hermain Ltd won first prize at Launch It ‘s Pitch Perfect event held at an asset management firm in Mayfair.

7 young entrepreneurs involved in the pitching event
The young entrpeneurs

10 young entrepreneurs were coached in small groups to pitch for 3 prizes, provided by the firm, and then had to put their skills to the test by facing a Dragon’s Den panel of senior staff.

An investment manager, experienced at pitching to clients of the firm, explained his advice:

1. Headline: First grab your audience’s attention. Jump straight in. I’m here to solve this problem and this is what I will do with the money.

2. Toblerone: You know how this chocolate bar is broken down in to big chunks? Well that is what you need to do with the middle section of your pitch. Organise it in to manageable, small sections and remember to slow down and leave gaps in between the points you are making.

3. Make it Real: Tell a story about what inspires you and drop in some detail that will be a trigger for people to remember you.

Yvonne with her pitch mentor

This is exactly what Yvonne put in to practice and as a result she won the first prize of £3k. Yvonne started her wig and beauty business, Hermain Ltd, after cutting her own hair off at a young age to find out what it looked like having had it chemically treated all of her life. She soon learnt how to make products suited to afro hair, and wigs so that she did not have to continue treating it. Yvonne plans to use the funding to improve packaging design and invest in the website.

Nathan Ghann won the second prize of £2k for his business, The Educate Group which provides mentors to young people who are struggling to stay in university education.

Nathan Ghann with £2,000 prize certificate
Nathan Ghann

Joint 3rd place was won by Mikki Offei for her cupcake business, Cups and Tails, and Jewell for her Peckham based nail salon business, Nail’d by Jae. Mikki broke down in tears on hearing the news as the money will enable her to buy a new cake mixer so that she can make more cakes in one go and free up her precious time to find new clients!

None of the entrepreneurs went home empty handed. All received £200 for their time and expenses, as well as a copy of ‘Shoe Dog’ – The story of Nike.

Speaking on behalf of the businesses, Nathan Ghann thanked the team, saying ‘speaking to us today, giving us encouragement and making sure we are on the right track has been so helpful, thank you so much.’ And it wasn’t just the young entrepreneurs who felt they had gained a lot. The asset managers on the Dragons Den panel certainly picked up a few tips on some unfamiliar subjects, including getting their nails done and how to care for a wig!

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